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Hello, this blog is basically about kpop shippings, doing requested scenarios. We do all kinds of genres from G- R ratings, look forward with us and have fun surfing our blog!
Unnies Questions!

Unnies questions have all been answered! If you do not see one of your questions put it means either:

-Didn’t follow the rules
-Tumblr deleted it
-To many members
-I don’t answer for them personally

I have 3 other Admins for this group and with school back on session I ask for your loyalty and patience. We WILL get to all your questions that’s a promise.



I’m also adding Team B and Winner to the people that I will answer for.

I am NOT in charge of ideal types or pictures anymore BUT if its taking to long resend and ask for me to answer for you and I will.

Also if there someone I don’t answer for please send me their name and what they do (Idols, Rappers, Actors… Etc)

P.S Were almost at 1500 followers!!


Anywho that all for now! Unnie loves you bunches!!


  Anonymous said:
I know you guys already do so much but would Unnie (or anyone) be willing to do khh ships?

Yes I will sweetie!!!


  Anonymous said:
How would you think Shinhwa's Dongwan would react to a girlfriend who can't express her feelings very well? She's always there for him, ready for anything, but she never talks much about herself

Honestly that’s Dongwan. He’ll understand her very well. He will try everything in his power to get to know her and show his love for her so she can open up.


  Anonymous said:
Did you get my question about Sanchez?

I might have a remember commenting that at the moment I need more time to research him. I’m good with him yet.

Sorry love!


  Anonymous said:
how would bobby and b.i react if their girlfriends gave them a lap dance ?

Bobby a.k.a Mr. Sexy Pants is a dangerous combination of sexy and goofy. That doesn’t bode well for you. Simply put he’s gonna be horny and giddy very quickly. He’ll be very encouraging and grabby.

B.I is gonna have to come out of the coma you put him on before you get a proper reaction. He won’t be as vocal as Bobby but the way he runs his hands up and down your body slowly won’t leave any questions.


  Anonymous said:
how would a first kiss be like with b.i and bobby ? :~~)

B.I doesn’t seem like he’ll tongue you down so it’ll be extremely sweet and loving. Probably just the 2 of you outside after a date. He states for a little while before smiling slightly and giving you a sweet peck.

Bobby he’ll want to tongue you down. He’s very confident and emotional. You’ll both be at your house cuddling watching a movie. He’ll look over. Peck you once… Twice.. And once he feels your okay. He’ll tongue you down.


  Anonymous said:
How do you think a threesome between you, Simon D and Jay Park would go? (When you're Simon's girlfriend and Jay has been 'invited')

I’m confused love.. Are you asking for a scenario?


  Anonymous said:
How would Jay, Gray and Simon D act if you purposely got them bad by doing something they asked you not to do? You were at home, chilling and did something you weren't supposed to?

Jay would yell at you, and expect you not to say anything back. Because you should know better.

Gray would give you the silent treatment because he don’t got time for that mess.

It depends with Simon D because we can be submissive or dominant. So he’ll either yell or whine.


  Anonymous said:
My ideal type is someone that is understanding & can be deep. Also a complete dork. Someone who teases a lot & is very protective of me. Someone that can handle a green haired chubby Latina with an attitude. XD someone that likes skinshippy ^^

GOt7’s Mark? He sounds perfect for it. ^^

- Admin Dae~

  khaopoun said:
hellooo can you match me please? My ideal type is someone who will really take care of me, and is smart. Someone who will cheer me up and always try to make me happy. They can express their feelings well and are not shy. Can preferably cook? XD i can't cook.. And he likes skinship but respects my space as well. Someone who is equally dominant and submissive? Can you do it with BTS, Got7, and 1 more of anybody u think? Thaaankkk yuuuu :3

How about Jin from BTS
Jackson from GOT7 &
Feeldog from BIGSTARΒ 

- Admin Dae~