Hello, this blog is basically about kpop shippings, doing requested scenarios. We do all kinds of genres from G- R ratings, look forward with us and have fun surfing our blog!
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Anonymous asked

So I put in a ship request, and then I asked about it, and I was told to put it in again, and so I did, but I still haven't seen it answered. Idk if tumblr ate it AGAIN or if you haven't answered it yet (which is totally fine, I just wanted to check)

I think I just put yours out love. Sorry for the wait Unnies been working hella crazy lately.


Anonymous asked

Do you guys answer questions for The Quiett?

Yes sweetie I do.


Anonymous asked

Hii can you please ship me with exo k /m?I'm 17 years old,I'm 1.50😩,my hair is reddish brown,I like every type of music,I'm not shy but also not so open,only child,thanks

In EXO-K I ship you with Kyungsoo.

In EXO-M I ship you with Xiumin.


Anonymous asked

Hello darling ^^;;; could you ship me with a shinhwa member? I'm 20 years old, but pretty mature for my age~ I'm 5'3'', long brownish hair, very pale. I'm very straight forward, but I love to goof around. I'm an aries, so routine is a big no no for me, I like being active and do stuff, whether it be cooking, exercising or writing. Thank you so much!! keep up the good work =*

Thanks for the love and support sweetness!

I ship you with Minwoo a.k.a M..


Anonymous asked

Hello ^_^ I didn't see the post when I looked through, so I'll just ask again! Can you ship me for Block B, BAP, GOT7, U-KISS, and VIXX? I am 176cm with blonde hair and grey eyes. I am a bigger girl, but I wouldn't call myself fat. I am a singer, an actor, and a dancer, and I just love the arts in general. I am a sociable person, but I also have a lot of anxiety dealing with social situations XD My friends tell me that I am funny, but I can't confirm that myself. I am also very affectionate. <3

I felt bad because this keeps coming in and I’m exhausted but here ya go baby doll!!!

Block B I ship you with BBomb.

In GOT7 I ship you with JR.

In BAP I ship you with Daehyun.

In UKISS I ship you with Eli.

In VIXX I ship you with N.

Sorry about the wait sweetie I’ve been pulling doubles the last 4 days thank for the love and patience.


ek-ob asked

The Ideal Type question: My ideal type is someone who has a deep love for Hip Hop. I like people who enjoy and are passionate about it. Music is very important to me and it's apart of my career, so I like someone who is understanding about that. I love people who can be serious but also very playful when the time is right. I would want the person I'm with to not only be a lover but also a best friend. Someone I can talk to when I'm having a problem and don't mind just chilling and lazing around.

BTS’ Rapmonster. His passion ugh so beautiful!

- Admin Dae~

My ideal type; someone who's sweeter than honey. Someone who will go out of there way to make me smile, even with just the little things. Someone who loves cuddling and backhugs. Oh, and someone who is just as weird as me (like listens to rock a bit)

I have to say EXO`s Chen.

- Admin Dae~

we have to send our Ideal type right? Like an idol directly or just a description of what's our ideal type??? By the way I'm loving the blog!!!

Say your ideal type, what you like in a guy and I`ll or the admins can decided which idol matches the description you/the followers gave us. Like that^^

- Admin Dae~

Scenario Master post

© Dizzyaboutkpop

These are the scenarios that I could find, I might not get all of it but I hope its all.

1. Its my birthday I can fuck If I want to! : Jongkook
2. Say my name : Chen
3. Namjoon: coming back after 6 months of promotion
4. Sehun Fluff
5. In the club Namjoon sees you in a red sexy dress
6. Xiumin Smut
7. Notice me : Yongkook
8. Hush : Luhan
9. After dinner : Jackson
10. Midnight Secrets : Yugyeom
11. Special Love Affair : Mark
12. I`ll protect you : Himchan
13. High School Memories : Ravi
14. Fatal Meeting : Chen
15. Like the first Time : Suga

When they come home from the army series: Incomplete
1. Kyungsoo
2. Chen
3. Baekhyun
4. Kai
5. Xiumin
6. Chanyeol

Beast Mate Series: Incomplete

Drabbles: Incomplete
1. Kris
2. Lay

Introducing New Series/Scenarios:
1. The Duck Series (lol)
2. Red Crimson Flowers
3. Beast Mate Pt 3
4. Time boils the rain Series

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The blog has been so quiet so I have decided to do this.


And I am always on so please partcipate!!!

- Admin Dae~



Oh yeah.