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Heaven paradise
Hello, this blog is basically about kpop shippings, doing requested scenarios. We do all kinds of genres from G- R ratings, look forward with us and have fun surfing our blog!
  Anonymous said:
Can I have an imagine smut lol

Sure. Please specify your member please.
-Admin Dae~

  Anonymous said:
Giving/ receiving oral with moon from royal pirates?

Moon is more of a receiver than a giver.. Sorry ladies but it’s true. Not to say he wouldn’t give it too you, he just needs a little hmmmm, motivation if you catch my drift.

Giving wise he’s very messy, almost rushed. He wants to make you come as soon as humanly possible and as hard as he can make you. His entire focus will be on your clit at all times. Sucking, flicking and biting.

Receiving is the exact opposite he wants you too go as slow as possible. He loves to watch you and he wants you too look at him the entire time. But if you want to be slick focus on his head and balls. He’ll come soon!


  Anonymous said:
Smut for Kim WooBin with a Heirs theme or based.

Oooohhh I must accept this!


  Anonymous said:
GAASSSSP !!! OH NO UNNIE !!! super anon really hopes you're alright !!! gosh .. that's terrible. ;n; ~xoxo

I’m alright I just hurt everywhere lol.


Omg I hope you're ok!!!!!! I'll keep you in my prayers!

Thank you so much love I appreciate it!


Oh no unnie!!! :0 get better soon okay mwha

Mwah mwah mwah!!

Thank you sweetie !!!!


  Anonymous said:
Sorry to hear bout what happened, hope you feel better soon Unnie!

Thank you sweetheart!


Unnie is in the hospital.

Sooo Unnie was at work right, and I freaking slip and black my eye and broke my leg. So as of right bow I’m sitting in the hospital hopped on drugs Yay!! I’ll keep you posted mwah!


Beast`s Mate

Ok; I haven`t been on tumblr for awhile so here it is. This is requested by our Super Anon so please enjoy! This is going to be Parts to this scenario because somehow, I realized that it was going to be longer than expected.

Mark + Jangmi (YOU)
Inspired by: this person & this person

It was night. The forest became dim due to the clouds covering the full moon. Trees turned its colour to fall and flowers bloom quickly on a odd day. You loved the sound of midnight sounds that came from unknkwn places.

You roamed the forest floor, taking tiny steps to avoid waking up the creatures. Smiling at the night sky that showned the stars hanging above. You explored the forest when suddenly ran into a deep whole and your foot slipped. You yelped when a hand quickly grabbed your hands, your eyes that opened wide widen because of an undamiliar man help you.

Once you were up, you looked up to see that the man was already gone. Seeing his bright yellow eyes left a memory.


The sun came up, shining brightly at your face as you woke up in discomfort. You lived in a small cabnet. Placed in the forest where you liked it. It was quite facinating how everytime you get up, the birds would sing unknown songs. As you got dressed, something caught your eyes. You didn`t know if was just some stranger perving on you or…or..

You walked outside. ahh the fresh air~ you thought. Your eyes widen when you noticed a small rabbit hoping by, without hesitation, you went for it. Somehow, it went faster then you did so you tried to catch up.

You heard a russle. Gasping at that sound, you walked towards it and noticed that there was this abandoned house you nevered even knew it exist. The house was old and broken down, its white colour became gray due to the constant rain. But the windows were clean and shiny. You went towards it and touched the windows.

Faintly but not quite, you saw something behind the windows. A pair of yellow eyes glowed and suddenly you remembered. Right then, the man jumped out from the window. You were frighten and flew back as the glass flew out backwards. He jumped out and growled. You looked back and saw that he was a beast you couldn`t identify.

You saw that he was growling at what seemed like another lone beast following you. You saw how they circled eachother and suddenly the beast growled loud enoigh for the lone one to whimper and run off. You jolt up, backed a few steps and hit the house. The beast looked at you, blinked a few times and ran off. You seemed to be shocked at what you saw, frightned abit; you ran back to your cabnet. Sat down on your cushion and took a deep breath.

“Calm down Jangmi, what you saw was…” you paused. Remembering what you saw days ago. That eyes. you thought. You shook your head, wanting to get the scene of what happened today out of yoyr head so you took your labtop that was sitting on the kitchen table and surfed the internet. You were a big fan of GOT7. But since you weren`t updated, you might as well do so. BREAKING NEWS, A member from GOT7 went missing for 3 weeks. Immediant Search was ordered from JYP ENTERTAINMENT!! What..? You thought. You were clueless, shocked from the news. Who..which member?.. You thought again.

You surfed through the internet again, trying to comfirm yourself that it was just a rumor. Suddenly, you went to GOT7`s fansite. “..Its..its true..” You said. It almost felt as if your heart broke into many pieces. You couldn`t feel yourself so you slammed your labtop closed, jolted up and ran yourself outside for fresh air. Finally after running to your spot you loved and enjoy drawing everyday, you took a deep deep breath.

Your eyes wondered off to the thck woods. Unsure if what to see either. You felted as if something..or someone was watching you from afar. You felted unsafe, grabbing a stick you found nearby and shouted. Suddenly, the beast jumped out. You took a few steps farther back. Its that thing.. You lifted your stick and threatened the beast your eyes stared. You noticed that the beast was gasping hard..like he was tired, exhuasted.

In front of your eyes, you saw the beast shifted to a human. Your eyes widen and dropped the stick. “..Ma-Mark?” You saw that mark was indeed the missing member from GOT7; yet he was the beast.. You took tiny steps towards him when suddenly he fell down. You screamed his name.

You took him to your cabnet and laid him on your couch. “Gosh you`re heated up. ” you said. You touched his forehead and took a wet fabric and placed it on his forehead for coolness. You sat next to him, unable to speak.

You went towards the kitchen and made some rice porridge, this was the porridge that your mother made for you when you were always sick. Since your mother always did that, you decided to do that. You made other small dishes that was quite simple. After that you washed the dishes and cleaned up abit to tidy the house for mark.

“Hey..” you heard a voice emerge from the living room and turned your head towards it. There you saw mark standing with his fabrics ripped opened. You turned away, embarrased from his exposed chest. You went towards your room and picked your fathers clothes that he left after he died and handed to mark. “whats this?” mark questioned. “oh uhm, well you see. your clothes were ripped so I wanted to let you wear these so..yeah.” you said awkwardly. You`ve never had any guy come in your house before, especially a baest. He answered with an ahh before asking you where the bathroom is and went to go changed.

You setted up the table, ready to eat when mark came out and sat infront of you. “..uh eat..” you said awkwardly. Mark picked up his chopsticks and start chomping like crazy.

“mark?” you asked. “so..what happened to you?” mark slowed his eating. “well..” he said; putting his chopsticks down, “it happened at our 1st month debut..I started to realize that things were changing to me like..my eyes.” marked looked at your eyes. “like this..I..I kinda got scared..but I just let it happen. After that..3 weeks ago..it was a full moon. I went outside by myself to go excersize when I fell..I started coughing and next thing I remeber was me running like..like an animal..” mark explained. You stopped eating. “soo..what else do you remember?” you asked when suddenly, he mentioned your name. “how..how did you know my name?” “how could I not remember? I was the one that saved you from falling..” Right..I forgot...

It was kind of silence after the explaining. After eating, you cleaned up the food and dishes and sat down.


It has been weeks since his missing. The full moon hasn`t showned yet and the way you saw mark was..human rather than a beast. You took mark back to the place where you and him met for the secomd time. “here..” you said. Leading the way. “Jangmi ssi. Did you know why I protected you from the other beast?” You thought about his words. “It was mating season for the beasts. That was why.” What? Mating season? Was that why? You kind of frozen in your position as your eyes stared at mark. He was walking around to find something of his. “what are you finding?” you asked mark. “my necklace.” He said. You answered him with a ahhh.

Mark couldn`t find his necklace so he gave up and went back along with you. After arriving back home, you headed towards your bedroom to change into something comfortable. After changing, you went out and found that the guest room was creeked open. You creaked the door open when you saw mark shirtless. You stood there frozen, didn`t know what to do. “oh uhh..sorry.”

Right when you were about to leave, mark stopped you. “stay..” You didn`t know if you heard wrong so you turn back around. Took a few steps forward when mark walked towards you. Your eyes weren`t looking at his face but rather his chest. Scars.. you thought. His chest as you saw, had many scars from the past 3 weeks he had. His toned body made you shiver down to your bones. Somehow, your hands reached out to feel his scars. “It hurts alot doesn`t it?” you said. “Not if you have been used to it.” Mark said as you looked to him in the eyes. “mark..?” you said, suddenly memories flashing back.

“Long time no see..love.

Ok, This is PART 1 for Beast`s Mate, so TO BE CONTINUE!! I guess.

- Admin Dae~